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Timsie & Viral Family Photoshoot in NYC

Hey beautiful souls! I am so excited to bring you a portion of pure joy and love from my latest travel—sugary sweet family photoshoot with Timsie, Viral, and their cutie pies done right in the heart of NYC! After all these years with them, every photoshoot feels like catching up with old friends. So, it is no doubt that this time was definitely a treat, catching up with all the new things life has brought into it.

Beating the unpredictable New York spring, we decided to take things inside the house and keep it cozy and intimate with an in-home session. Oh, what an incredible idea that was! There really is something sort of magical about capturing a family in their own little world. It brings on the real giggles and soft, quiet moments—those tender glances that might get lost out there in the cold world.

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Consider this: "He lay on the floor, amusement lit in his eyes, watching his son's playful antics, with laughter echoing around the chamber, fortressed with toys. Meanwhile, Timsie, beaming with that new-mom radiant look, cradles their newest star, both waiting for the right time to merge in a family cuddle fest.

Once united, their home lit up with such warmth and joy, it was as if the sun had decided to visit indoors.

We danced through their home, capturing every giggle, every snuggle, and the unmistakable love that makes this family so special. These are not just photos but little time capsules of happiness, just waiting to burst open with memories at a moment's notice. Invited back in the lives of Timsie and Viral to capture these golden moments, it was another life given to me. Encounters like these make me value why, in the midst of all the madness, I still value the beauty and love in this world and being a family photographer in NYC. Here’s to more laughter, more cuddles, and more unforgettable family sessions that feel just like home.

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