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Stylish and Fun NYC Wedding Photography & Videography: Capturing Your Love Story with Authenticity and Beauty

At our core, we are a family of artists dedicated to capturing the genuine, candid, and raw moments that truly encapsulate your special day. Our passion lies in creating non-cheesy, sensual portraits that perfectly blend authenticity with an editorial aesthetic. This approach allows us to highlight the unique beauty and love present throughout your wedding day in a way that feels real and personal to you.

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Danila: Capturing candid moments within industrial settings, elevated by fashion-inspired visuals for unique storytelling.

Lana: Blend candid and Editorial Luxury to capture your love story's key moments in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Can we meet?
Of course. It will be my pleasure to meet with you over a cup of coffee. From Mondays to Thursdays we can discuss any questions you may have for me about your photoshoot arrange our meeting only on a weekday.
Can we call you?
Yes, of course, I would love to chat with you. We are sending a special link to set up a phone consultation in e-mails, so you can pick and choose the best time to talk. We also ask you to please e-mail me all your questions first, I have to be prepared to give you the right answers.
Why I'm asking for your Instagram/Facebook?
You can find more info about us on our website. I would like for you to get to know me a little before you will contact me, likewise, I would like to find out more about you before we actually meet.
How many photos/video files will we receive? And why does it vary?
The average amount of photos per hour is 50. The average amount for the video is 2 - 4 minutes clip, 10 minutes movie (minimum 6 hours of shooting video require).  The number of photos and video length depends on a few factors, such as the first and most important is the number of hours you hire a professional, how many locations, how busy your day, how many guests, how big is the bridal party and many more...

The average is 8 - 14 weeks. The delivery time depends on the year and part of the year.
When will we receive our photos?
Within 8 - 16 weeks (depending on the month) after the shoot, you will receive the photos with Google Drive.
Can we get the photos faster?
The photos or/and can be delivered in 7 days with our expedited editing:
$1000 for wedding photos
$1000 for a wedding video
$500 for engagement photos
Can you send us a few photos?
Yes, sure.
The photos can be delivered in 7 days for $1000 for weddings and $500 for engagement photos.
How many photos will be edited?
All photos that you receive will be edited. You will receive high-resolution and edited photos only. The space for our event will not have a lot of light and will be quite dark. How do you work around that issue? I use cameras that have a full-frame, which allows capturing even with poor light. I also use a prime lens, flash, and a softbox.
Can I have the RAW files or any unedited images?
This will always and forever be a resounding "No" unless you want to buy out the copyright, of course! The fee is 50% of your package. The RAW files will be permanently deleted from our server within 4 (four) weeks after purchase.
What do you mean by edited photos?
I do convert RAW.
*white balance, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks, clarity, vibrance, saturation, sharpening, and noise reduction, lens correction and transform, crop. Maybe something else.
Extra editing ( high-end retouching ) is also available as an additional service. Ask me for more details.
What if we want to re-edit the video files?
By signing this agreement, all parties agree to and acknowledge the style of videography performed by us.
We are open to some minor edits after you receive your files. But we highly encourage all our couples to give us a "hand up" before the wedding if you do not want something on your video or something specific and significant just for you to be on the video.
The full video re-edit fee for elopement is $500 and weddings $1000. 
Do you travel?
Absolutely! We travel across the states & abroad for our work and love doing so. I ask for airfare, a hotel room for 2-3 nights, and transportation.
For weddings outside of New York City limits, we have a travel fee of $100/hour, and possibly accommodation if it's too late to return to the city that evening.
Wedding book
The cost of wedding books is in the price book. Editing wedding books: you can edit your wedding book layout for just a one-time fee-free, if you need to edit more than once $75 fee would apply each additional time. Please, think and let me know.
Can we print the photos ourselves?
Yes, you can print and use the photos however you want, but only for personal use.
Do you shoot family photos on a wedding day?
YES! Family photos are one of the most important things on a wedding day, and I always carve out time to capture them.
Do you have a second photographer?
Yes, we have a growing team of photographers and videographers. Additional photographer/videographer is $900.
We commonly book 6-15 months in advance
There are "peak" seasons (the busiest months of the year are March, April, May, June, September, October, and August. So if your wedding date is one of those months, it’s time to get the ball rolling and book ASAP!
Do you take into consideration the time used to travel to your destination?
The time from one set to another within the day is also considered. All in all, we have the exact amount of hours we agreed to have before the shoot.
Additional expenses
The client is responsible for any extra expenses (COI, permits, entrance fees to landmarks, museums, observatories, and so on). You may purchase COI here. We will provide all needed information upon request. 
Can you keep the photos private?
The photo/video files we take are our intellectual property and our craft. We share and show our previous weddings/photoshoots to possible clients to keep on business. For 1 (one) year, we can save your photos or/and video files private for a 50% fee of the cost of your package.