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Scott & Mallory Williamsburg Engagement

Let me take you on a journey through one of the coolest shoots I've ever had the pleasure of capturing. A couple as equally in love and fun as Scott & Mallory doesn't come through the colorful streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, every day. This place, a haven for the hip and artistic, served as the perfect backdrop for their engagement photoshoot.


Our adventure began outside a quaint ice cream shop, where laughter and love seemed to be the flavor of the day.

Scott & Mallory. Sharing a cheerful atmosphere, and even sweeter moments in life, the two honestly personified a dream come true for a person behind the lens. Pure joy and love that could only make those first shots seem like magic. But, oh, that was just the beginning. Down we went, literally, towards the waterfront, with part of the pictures having the majestic Williamsburg Bridge in the background. The city was presenting a gorgeous panorama at that hour—a perfect background for the lovestory of our couple. The blend of water, sky, and the city adds some romance to any photo, something indefinable.

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As the day meandered on, we found ourselves on a rooftop, waiting for the sunset to grace us with its golden hues. A skyline spread unending promise before us: that of New York City. As the bottle of champagne was popped open by Scott and Mallory, I think the sparkle in their eyes would have rivaled those in their glasses.

It was a moment of pure bliss, capturing their love as the day gave way to night.

The events of their day in Williamsburg brought to life all the beautiful diversity of love set against the canvas of one of NYC's liveliest neighborhoods. Every moment shared with Scott and Mallory, from the laughter at the ice cream shop to champagne toasts at the sunset, was an ever-constant reminder of why I adore being an NYC Engagement Photographer. Excited to share with you this journey, a love-laughs-light ride that is the NYC Engagement, Williamsburg Style Collection of Real-Life Experiences.

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