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Lucia & Maciej Engagement The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Let's rewind to the freshness of January 2024, in which Lucia and Maciej, full of love, embarked on an adventure at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The journey started within the big rooms of the museum in the Chinese Courtyard, which looked intimate. Here, among the cultural aesthetic, we took Lucia in her elegant black dress, creating a series of cool and classy shots that set the pace for the day.


As we walked the hallways of the museum, the style was around every corner. With every hall we passed in The Met, it became not just a setting but a character in their love story. The emotions of both Lucia and Maciej interconnected as we switched from one hall to another. And it never seemed like they could take their eyes off each other as we went about making sure every bit of love from such an intriguing setting was well-captured for the ages.

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This case of details—from the fine art to the grace of the museum's architecture—all work in unison to flow with the ambiance of the pair. More than freezing not a moment but freezing an atmosphere, one that surrounded every captured second, so these engagement pictures would tell a story without words.
Right in the Met, the romance of Lucia and Maciej was perfectly told—what seems like a capture of the heart of a masterpiece, not only with art but with feelings. It was more than a photography session; it was a personal plunge into love amidst the cultural vibrancy of one of the most iconic places in New York.

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