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Rachel & Ralph’s Micro Wedding 33 Seaport Hotel New York

Come along with us and walk through our doors into a very special, magical love story of elopement at the enchanting 33 Seaport Hotel, located in the heart of New York City with Rachel & Ralph. A gem within an intimate hotel located on cobblestone historic streets of the South Street Seaport, just off the beaten path from the chic boutiques of SoHo and TriBeCa. It boasts breathtaking views not only of the East River but also of the Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline, which makes up this great city.


That is how we met this active couple at 33 Seaport Hotel. The two seemed to enter the two in their outfits, all set for the wedding. Time for the solemnizing of the wedding came, and they decided to enjoy several drinks in the bar of the hotel. They were cool as a breeze: with the drinks, they looked cool. More eager by the minute, we headed outside and left for the house to take a cool walk.

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Quaint and charming streets of the Seaport district set a perfect view to catch the emotion and love of just-married couple walking down by. We were strolling on stone streets, embracing the beauty of the historic environment. The love story of this couple was running in every frame.

Capturing all these beautiful moments, we moved to the waterfront, on which the views of the East River with its splendid bridges that brought grandeur to our photographs were flanking. It was really sunny and very cozy to take some good photos. Rachel & Ralph, wrapped in warmth and love, eagerly made their way back to the 33 Seaport Hotel.

Their friends and family had already gathered, enjoying cocktails and lively conversations.

But from the second they stepped into the place, Rachel & Ralph were the stars, their eyes and smiles reaching each and every one present at that very moment. The wedding ceremony, which followed, had, one should call it, something dazzling in the laughter and keen moments that very much liked to capture by our cameras.

The ceremony began on the rooftop of the hotel, where the city was unrolled with its great views, and it led liberally to freedom and jubilation. After the ceremony, the guests of Rachel & Ralph stayed at the hotel until it was time to close, and in the lobby of the hotel, there was laughter and good wishes; this did we capture on our cameras. We are humble to have been a part of Rachel & Ralph's big day, and we just wish that in their journey of life, may they get a lifetime full of happiness. Our photographs will forever hold the memories of this important day to both of you, and remember that the love you share will never end.

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