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Maritess & Judd’s Sound River Studios Wedding

Take a trip to Maritess and Judd's magical world on their NYC wedding day—a beautiful love story filled with interesting characters against the bright lights and big city backdrop. Such beautiful moments were caught in the lens of the camera by a very proud NYC wedding photographer and videographer, who had the honor to be by their side from early morning preparations until the magic started with the first step on the dance floor.


Our journey commenced at the Box House Hotel, where excitement and anticipation filled the air. The day began with capturing the intricate details of their attire, symbolizing the love that brought them together.


The order of getting dressed was so: laughter with a pinch of tears, as Maritess and Judd, surrounded by the ones they held most dear, got ready for the monumental day. The Box House Hotel set the atmosphere in just the right way for such intimate times with its cool air. Thence, we proceeded to the first look and couple photo location, Queensbridge Park. All against the stunning skyline of Manhattan, Maritess and Judd shared their deep emotions, gazing at each other while making breathtaking first looks. Queensbridge Park's iconic bridge and cityscape added to the charm, making it an ideal spot for bridal party photos.

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Our journey continued to Sound River Studios, where the wedding ceremony was to take place.

Their chosen venue, the filled industrial elegance of polished concrete floors perfectly told the love and joy in the air. We were able to document as well the beauty of their finished reception space, as every detail more told about Maritess and Judd's love story. Pure magic: the ceremony site on the pier, with the sun setting. The reveal shots treat the guests in the reception space to serving as that glimpse of magic to be afforded them during cocktail hour.

The reception started first and foremost with the grand entrance, and then came the money dance—a great moment symbolizing lots of wealth and prosperity. It was filled with moments such as the first dance and the parent dances—all filled with pure emotional joyful expression. The most touching moment was the choreography done by Maritess and her nieces, where they all danced one after the other. Another touching moment was the cutting of the cake, another time of togetherness, but while night turned into day, and the dance floor turned into a pool of music and cheer. As the night ended, I was able to catch the finale—the smiles and happiness that emanated from Maritess and Judd. Their love story had unfolded in the most magical manner, and it was an honor to be part of their journey as a New York City wedding photographer and videographer.

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