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Wed Vibes Editorial

The heart of the Big Apple, where skyscrapers graze the clouds and the city's pulse is in every breath. It's a wedding dream shared by many, the allure of a rooftop wedding in the heart of New York City. With its breathtaking skyline vistas, urban chic, and endless potential for crafting a one-of-a-kind, memorable occasion, a rooftop wedding here epitomizes modern city nuptials.

Our journey takes us to the perfect setting for this dream - the ModernHaus SoHo Hotel, where style seamlessly melds with substance. The hotel's exquisite art collection pays homage to our neighborhood's storied history. Moreover, its selection of outdoor spaces offers a rare chance to rise above the bustling city streets.


And what adds an even more magical touch to this rooftop reverie? Our very own Danila and Lana, integral members of a talented team responsible for capturing the mesmerizing moments through photography and videography. Together, we're part of a greater story, weaving your love into the very fabric of this remarkable city.

VIDEOGRAPHER: Danila & Lana's Wedding Photo & Video NYCPHOTOGRAPHER: Danila Mednikov

PLANNER: Le Petite Prive


DECOR: Designs by Ahn

DRESSES: Lana Marinenko, KYHA Studios

MUAH: Beautini

JEWELRY: Susie Saltzman

VENUE: Modern Haus Soho

MODEL: London Knight