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Nathanael & Lindsay Engagement Brooklyn, "Gage & Tollner"

Hey there! I want to take you on a little storytelling journey from a recent engagement photoshoot that was nothing short of enchanting. We found ourselves in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, inside the timeless walls of "Gage & Tollner" — a place dripping with history, vintage mirrors, and the warm glow of brass chandeliers. Since 1892, this restaurant has been a backdrop to countless stories, and on this day, it added one more: the love story of Nathanael and Lindsay.


As an NYC Engagement Photographer, it’s always exciting to capture the spark between two people ready to commit to a lifetime together. Nathanael and Lindsay, with their effortless elegance and infectious love for each other, made my job a pure joy. The romantic ambiance of Gage & Tollner, with its rich cherry wood and reflections in every corner, provided the perfect setting to begin our shoot.

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As much as the indoors offered a grand setting, the streets of Brooklyn, alive with the bloom of spring and flowering trees, called to us. Walking through Downtown Brooklyn, we continued our photoshoot outdoors, embracing the natural beauty and urban vibe of the neighborhood. The contrast between the historic elegance of the restaurant and the vibrant, blossoming streets allowed us to create a diverse portfolio that truly reflected Nathanael and Lindsay’s style and the depth of their bond.

Every glance they shared and every smile they exchanged told their story better than words ever could. With their upcoming wedding, this engagement session was not just about beautiful photos; it was about capturing memories that they will look back on and cherish forever.

I’m thrilled to have been a part of their journey to marriage, capturing the essence of their love in one of NYC's most iconic neighborhoods. This Downtown Brooklyn Engagement shoot was truly one for the books, filled with love, elegance, and timeless charm.

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