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Roberly & Chelsea The Estate at Florentine Gardens Wedding

Hey there, lovebirds and party enthusiasts! Let me whisk you away to a storybook wedding scene filled with joy, laughter, and all the romantic details you can dream of. Roberly and Chelsea chose the spectacular Estate at Florentine Gardens in River Vale, New Jersey, for their big day, and oh, what a day it was!


As a Photographer specialized in NYC weddings, capturing the grandeur and elegance of such moments is what I live for. The day started with Chelsea and her bridesmaids enjoying champagne on the open balcony, their laughter as sparkling as the wine, filling the air with festivity. Meanwhile, Roberly and his groomsmen were in high spirits, sharing jokes and playing pool, savoring their last few hours of bachelorhood in true style.

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The ceremony itself was a beautiful spectacle, set under the canopy of blooming trees, which seemed to bless the couple with their blossoms. The excitement was palpable as our gorgeous couple walked down the aisle, and the air was thick with love and heartfelt vows that brought more than a few tears to the eyes of their guests.

Following the vows, we stole away to the gardens of the estate, a perfect backdrop for those intimate and candid shots. The love and connection between Roberly and Chelsea were almost tangible, and every photo captured their essence perfectly. Soon after, their friends joined for some fun and memorable group photos, adding an extra layer of joy to the already vibrant day.

As the evening rolled in, the celebration moved inside to the opulent interiors of Florentine Gardens. The banquet kicked off with the couple’s first dance, a moment so touching it seemed as though they were the only two people in the world. This was followed by the equally emotional dances of Roberly with his mother and Chelsea with her father. Then, the party truly started, with guests dancing the night away, only pausing to indulge in a slice of the delicious wedding cake.

Documenting Roberly and Chelsea’s wedding at such a magnificent venue, with each moment filled with laughter and love, was a true privilege. As a wedding photographer in NYC, these are the days that remind me why I adore my job—capturing love, beauty, and celebrations that linger in memories forever.

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