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We Love Travel

As we travel, our cameras are with us and we are always documenting our adventures! We love to capture photos and create short videos that highlight the trip, especially when we visit new cities and countries. These are our souvenirs as well as examples of our style & quality in new environments from the Greek islands, Bermuda, Mexico, and France… We also like to travel to the US, like California, San Fransisco...


How can you be sure that we will capture awesome moments? Well, just like with a local photographer But our biggest advantage is that we have a fresh set of eyes on the beautiful location and all it has to offer. You deserve something different and we are ready to travel and capture it all!

Consider having your wedding shoot anywhere your heart desire.

And we promise to capture some awesomeness even if the wind is crazy, there is a severe downpour or a snowstorm is approaching.


We are fearless and always ready for an adventure!

We already had a chance to shoot the awesome wedding in the Greek islands, Bermuda, Mexico, France, Canada,  Ukraine, and Russia. Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Diego, Palm Springs, Portland, Washington DC.