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Magic Of The Louvre Museum | Paris, France

One of the greatest 'must do' things in Paris, is the incredible Louvre Museum. The history and talent encased in this one building will leave you absolutely inspired! The sheer size of it is enough to put you off trying to tick it off, but with these little tips for visiting The Louvre Museum, you should have a smooth visit!

It is enough to enter in Pinterest a request "Louvre Museum" and you will be sprinkled with life hacks from where and when is better to come to the museum to where it is worth to snack and from which of the five entrances it is best to enter to the museum. The right answer is through the shopping mall under the museum. Perhaps it was the most valuable information of this post, ha-ha.

Entering the Louvre, exhibits can so turn your head that it is easy to get lost and to wander through the labyrinth and get tired in just one hour. WIFI in the museum is powerful and free, please download everything you want, any information about the exhibits.

I was absolutely delighted with the hall #705 it is the Apollo Gallery, the treasure of the French Crown. There are apartments of Napoleon III.

My favorite period is the Renaissance, Tudor times, Victorian. I love it all, just find it so interesting!

We hope to return again to the Louvre because our quick 3-4 hours there was totally insufficient to explore properly! I don't know how it happened, I'm surprised. But I didn't notice any huge number of visitors, crowds (except for Mona Lisa). We downloaded Rick Steves free "Louvre" audio guide and so glad we did, he directed and guided us to the highlights with entertaining commentary. His PARIS guidebook was also invaluable during our visit.