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New York in Bloom: A Photographer's Paradise

With all these trees blooming, I found in my portfolio a shoot I once did at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Everyone usually goes to Central Park to see the cherry blossoms bloom, but you know, a Sakura is essentially any cherry tree.


I don’t know what they’ve come up with in Japan, but here in New York, these cherry trees bloom at every step. I have a couple of trees flowering in my yard, and across the street, there’s a whole park full of blooming cherry trees.


And you can also go to Central Park. There are as many cherry trees as you could want. It’s just an entire Central Park of cherry trees—I don’t know how they came up with that. And there are also beautifully planted ones in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There, they have all sorts of varieties neatly arranged, also a pretty large area with similar trees.


So, I don’t know what it’s like in Japan, but here it's just amazing. If you're a fan of all sorts of blooming trees, then New York is probably the best place for photography.

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