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Choosing the Right Photographer: A Tale of Two Stories


Our cat urinated on the carpet, and we decided to clean it ourselves instead of hiring a professional. First, we wiped it down, but the stain worsened and stayed wet for a long time. We tried to dry it with towels, but it didn't help. Eventually, we decided to take the carpet outside to dry in the sun. However, it rained for two days straight after a brief sunny period. We bought a hose to rinse the carpet, spent money on cleaning supplies, and after two weeks, the carpet was still not dry. During the cleaning process, the edges tore off. By the time we finally dried it using a dehumidifier, it had lost its original quality. In the end, we decided to buy a new carpet and throw the old one away.


Recently, one of our brides called us. She had been following us for a while and wanted to book us for her wedding. However, another photographer offered a good price, and she decided to go with them. After a portrait session in the city, she realized that the photos were not what she wanted. She loved the photographer's portfolio, but the reality did not match her expectations. She called us to explain the situation and is now trying to cancel her contract with the other photographer to book us instead.


The moral of these stories is clear: whether it’s cleaning a carpet or choosing a New York photographer for your wedding, sometimes trying to save money can lead to greater costs and disappointment. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and if you've decided to do it, do it right. Don't let a seemingly good deal ruin your special day.

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