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A Dreamy Wedding Celebration at Tribeca Rooftop with Rebecca & Andrew

Step into the enchanting world of Rebecca & Andrew as we capture their breathtaking wedding at Tribeca Rooftop. As their dedicated wedding photographer and videographer, we had the honor of documenting every precious moment of their special day.


Our journey began at an awe-inspiring location with a stunning view of New York City. Andrew and his closest friends enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere filled with laughter and heartfelt conversations, while Rebecca spent quality time with her bridesmaids, sipping champagne and creating joyful memories together. The anticipation grew as Andrew donned his finely tailored suit, surrounded by laughter and excitement. Simultaneously, Rebecca getting ready herself, stepping into her exquisite wedding gown with the assistance of her mother. We captured these magical moments, preserving their beauty on film.

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Their first look was an enchanting sight as they laid eyes on each other, radiating pure happiness. Through our photography and videography, we immortalized their genuine emotions, capturing them for eternity. We took a leisurely stroll through the city streets, adorned with historic red brick buildings, creating exceptional shots that showcased their style and blended harmoniously with the surroundings. Gathering the entire wedding party, we captured stunning group photos, exuding elegance and resembling characters from a movie scene.

As the time for the ceremony drew near, we returned to the captivating setting of Tribeca Rooftop. Rebecca, escorted by her parents, walked down the aisle towards Andrew against the backdrop of breathtaking city views. The altar, adorned with beautiful flowers, created a romantic ambiance for their exchange of vows and rings, sealed with a heartfelt kiss and applauded by their loved ones. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails and lively conversations on the rooftop, immersing themselves in the enchanting music that filled the air. As the sun began to set, we seized the moment to capture the newlyweds on the rooftop, bathed in the stunning colors of the twilight sky, amplifying their love for each other.

After a photo shoot at sunset, the newlyweds went down to the guests, and our couple gracefully took the dance floor for their first dance—a mesmerizing and undeniably romantic moment that captivated their guests. The celebration continued as they cut into their exquisitely adorned wedding cake, embellished with delicate edible flowers. This marked the start of a lively reception, where guests joyously danced the night away, fueled by the presence of live music and an energetic atmosphere.

We are honored to have preserved these cherished memories through our wedding photography and videography services. If you're looking to capture your own magical moments in the heart of New York City, contact us today to book a professional wedding photo shoot. Let us transform your special day into a timeless work of art.