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Patricia & Michael's DUMBO Elopement

As a photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the beautiful and romantic journey of Patricia & Michael during their scenic photoshoot in the heart of Brooklyn DUMBO. We met at the exquisite 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, located on the waterfront with breathtaking views of the East River and the Manhattan skyline. The stunning interiors of the hotel perfectly complemented the elegance and style of our couple, who were eagerly awaiting their photoshoot.


Michael looked dashing in his stylish suit, while Patricia was simply radiant in her exquisite white dress, holding a luxurious bouquet of flowers. We captured several magnificent shots within the hotel, utilizing the wooden, stone, and plant-filled interiors to create a captivating atmosphere for our photographs.

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After the indoor session at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, we ventured out to the waterfront, where the iconic Brooklyn Bridge unfolded before us. Despite the cloudy weather, the couple remained undeterred, embracing the city's ambiance and each other's company. We immortalized these precious moments filled with love and emotions.

Their love truly warmed the day and infused this springtime affair with a summer-like atmosphere. We strolled along the majestic Brooklyn Bridge waterfront, exploring the historic streets lined with red-brick buildings. The fusion of metal and brick created a raw and stylish backdrop, accentuated by the leaden sky, which only enhanced the industrial beauty of the location.

Following our walk through the charming streets, we found ourselves at The Max Family Garden, where an intimate and secluded photoshoot took place. The enchanting atmosphere of the park, adorned with lush greenery and overlooked by the grandeur of the Brooklyn Bridge, was truly mesmerizing.

Returning to the waterfront, with the captivating Manhattan skyline as the backdrop, we captured a few more shots. In the distance, we noticed a ferry, and seizing the opportunity, we embarked on a journey across the river. The ferry ride provided a refreshing breeze as we arrived at a location filled with atmospheric streets, lined with countless cafes, shops, and bars. We decided to step into Pearl Alley, a stylish bar, where Patricia & Michael ordered their favorite cocktails. We snapped some photos in this trendy establishment, capturing their essence perfectly.

As we bid farewell to Patricia & Michael, leaving them to savor the evening after a fantastic photoshoot, we cherished the memories we had created together.

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