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Jamie and Ricardo's Art Factory Studio Wedding


I had the incredible honor of photographing Jamie and Ricardo's special day at the Art Factory studio. This is not the first time we have worked in this place and its  industrial atmosphere makes wedding photos and videos simply unique.

The morning was filled with joy as Jamie and her closest friends getting ready for the occasion, surrounded by laughter, flowers, and excitement. After her makeup was done, Jamie received a heartfelt gift from Ricardo, from which her face shone with warmth and joy. She then stepped into her stunning wedding dress, perfectly complementing the industrial studio's ambiance.


Before the ceremony, we captured some group shots of Jamie with her friends and family, sharing champagne and laughter on a luxurious couch. Jamie looked absolutely radiant, and the bouquet of white flowers added a touch of freshness to her appearance. Meanwhile, Ricardo and his loyal friends prepared for the moment, laughing and supporting him as he put on his suit. Jamie's gift of a letter and a watch to Ricardo was a touching exchange that completed his look.


As the ceremony began, guests eagerly awaited the couple's arrival. Jamie gracefully walked down the aisle, looking more beautiful than ever, towards Ricardo and their loved ones. The ceremony was filled with magic as they exchanged vows, rings, and sealed their love with a passionate kiss.

Afterward, we moved to a bright and spacious room for group photos against a brick wall. These vibrant pictures will serve as cherished memories for years to come. As the guests continued to enjoy themselves, we captured intimate moments of the newlyweds in a serene setting, preserving precious memories.


But the night was far from over as we transitioned to the reception hall, aglow with warm lighting and lively conversations. Jamie and Ricardo took the stage for their first dance, captivating everyone's attention. It was a truly unforgettable moment that set the tone for the evening. The guests joined them on the dance floor, and the party carried on throughout the night, interrupted only by the breathtaking cake, almost too beautiful to be cut. Jamie and Ricardo celebrated surrounded by love and happiness, creating memories that will last a lifetime.