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Belinda & Andrew's Wythe Hotel Wedding

Step into the romantic tale of Belinda & Andrew, as their love story unfolds in the heart of New York City. From the intimate moments of getting ready in their West Village apartment to the enchanting ceremony in a private garden, every detail was a reflection of their love. The joyous celebration continued at the iconic Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, where laughter, love, and breathtaking views came together.

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Belinda & Andrew's love story blossomed in the charming backdrop of New York. In their cozy West Village apartment, the bride prepared to meet her groom. The anticipation in the air was palpable, setting the tone for the day's heartfelt moments.

The couple's love was sealed in a private garden nestled in the heart of West Village. Surrounded by loved ones, Belinda & Andrew exchanged vows in an intimate and emotional ceremony. The setting was as enchanting as their love story, creating lasting memories.
Their love journey continued as we strolled through West Village's picturesque streets, capturing candid moments and genuine interactions. The Williamsburg waterfront provided a stunning backdrop, reflecting their love against the shimmering waters.

At Wythe Hotel, the celebration was a culmination of love and joy. Against the backdrop of the iconic Williamsburg skyline, Belinda & Andrew danced the night away with their loved ones. Every smile, every laugh, every heartfelt moment was a testament to their beautiful journey.

Belinda & Andrew's wedding was a celebration of love, from their intimate beginnings in the West Village to the grandeur of Wythe Hotel. Their story unfolded in the heart of New York, capturing the essence of their journey. As their laughter echoed against the cityscape, it was clear that this was a love meant to be cherished for a lifetime.