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Things To Do In Bryce Canyon | Utah

Hey guys!


This post is about our trip to the Bryce Canyon National Park that is located in the southern part of Utah, about 150 km away from Zion National Park.


Bryce Canyon is amazing!


As it turns out we have seen a lot of the US, but the scenery at Bryce Canyon is out of this world amazing. Just look at the video below…

We could not stop looking at the unbelievable scenery that unfolded to us at the park. Some trails were a bit hard, but it was all worth the views. Certain areas of the trails were steep and we recommend that you bring comfy shoes and plenty of water, especially on a hot day.

There are 6 observatory spots at the park. Most of the popular viewpoints are located near the amphitheater which is part of the Bryce Canyon. They are easily accessible and are usually full of tourists. Arrive early in the morning and you will see less crowds and catch good lighting.


This is the amazing 6 of the Bryce Canyon.

  • Fairyland Point
  • Sunrise Point
  • Sunset Point
  • Inspiration Point
  • Bryce Point
  • Paria View

Fun fact: geologists state that in about 3 million years Bryce Canyon will be gone, so plan your trip there soon!


Take a look at the photos & video from Bryce Canyon, because pictures speak louder than words.