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Glamping Luxury Tent | Under Canvas Grand Canyon

Straight from Las Vegas we went to the most interesting part of the state and decided to explore nature & man made creations. Our first quick stop was at the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam is a nice stop to see a bit of history. 

We then went to experience our first ever glamping. Most of the negative reviews online came from people who don't understand that it's not a 5 star hotel. The camping space and how everything was set up was amazing. The weather, communal bathrooms, and lack of internet are things that you should consider before going. But overall not having service for a few days was absolutely amazing. We would definitely stay here again and highly recommend other Under Canvas locations (this is not an ad haha). 

The staff was super friendly and attentive and the food was really great considering the location. Coffee, stargazing, campfire food, and yoga are at your disposal as well.


Glamping: Arrive during the day, not once it's dark. It will be easier for you two to find the camping and you want to be a good camper and respect others at night. 


The Grand Canyon: Under Canvas is an ideal stop if you are planning on visiting the Grand Canyon because the two are only about 30 minutes away from each other. There are gas stations and cafes along the way as well. 

Drink lots of water! And limit your physical activities during sun peak hours. The temperatures and the sun there are no joke.