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Michelle & Brian's Fairytale Wedding at NYIT de Seversky Mansion

We're thrilled to share the incredible story of Michelle and Brian's wedding day, which we had the honor of capturing as a team of professional photographers and videographers. The journey began at the magnificent NYIT de Seversky Mansion, a stunning wedding venue tucked away on the beautiful North Shore of Long Island. From the moment we arrived, it was clear that this historic mansion was a haven of luxury and elegance, with every architectural detail and decorative touch exuding grandeur.


Inside the mansion's exquisite interiors, Michelle and her bridesmaids created a warm and inviting atmosphere as they getting ready for the big day, sipping champagne and sharing laughter. After Michelle slipped into her pristine white wedding gown and added the final touches to her makeup, she was ready for her eagerly anticipated first look with Brian. Meanwhile, Brian and his friends, dressed to the nines in stylish suits, enjoyed some quality time together, raising a glass of champagne in celebration. Their magical first encounter took place in the mansion's enchanting garden, surrounded by the picturesque autumn scenery. We were there to capture every heartfelt moment, ensuring that their love and joy were forever preserved in our photographs and videos.

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From the garden, we moved to the grand staircase near the mansion for a fun and stylish group photoshoot with the couple's friends. The energy was infectious, and everyone looked absolutely fabulous. Later, we embarked on a private photoshoot, exploring the charming streets and alleys surrounding the NYIT de Seversky Mansion. Each frame was filled with the couple's emotions, painting a vivid picture of their love story.

Then came the highly anticipated ceremony, with guests eagerly awaiting Michelle and Brian's entrance. Brian took his place first, followed by Michelle, who was gracefully escorted by her father down the aisle. The ceremony was nothing short of enchanting, as they exchanged heartfelt vows, slipped rings onto each other's fingers, and sealed their love with a passionate kiss. The air was filled with the melodious strumming of a guitar, played by a dear friend of the couple.

After the ceremony, we moved to the enchanting reception hall, where the wooden interiors exuded a timeless charm. Michelle and Brian shared their first dance as a married couple, captivating everyone in the room with their love and grace. As the evening unfolded, friends and family approached the newlyweds, offering heartfelt congratulations, and delivering touching toasts and well wishes. The parents of the bride and groom took the stage for a touching dance, with Brian twirling his mother and Michelle gracefully moving across the floor with her father.

The celebration continued late into the night, with a magnificent wedding cake stealing the spotlight. Every significant moment was meticulously captured, ensuring that the memories of this extraordinary day would be cherished forever in our photographs and videos. It was an absolute pleasure to document such a remarkable occasion in this breathtaking location, and we couldn't be more excited to present Michelle and Brian with their timeless wedding memories.

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