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Michael & Jessica's The Loeb Boathouse Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I had the incredible opportunity to capture the beautiful moments of Michael and Jessica's special day at Loeb Boathouse. The morning began at a hotel, where Jessica getting ready and added the final touches to her bridal look with the loving support of her mother. The exquisite wedding gown awaited her, and when she slipped into it, she radiated elegance and was ready for her first encounter with Michael.


Meanwhile, Michael relaxed with his friends, enjoying a drink and eagerly anticipating the moment he would see Jessica. As we ventured onto the streets of New York City, their first meeting was absolutely enchanting. We immortalized these significant and heartfelt moments through our photographs.

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Following the captivating first look, we embarked on a private and stylish photoshoot amidst the city streets. Our couple looked incredibly fashionable in their attire, and despite the slight chill in the air, Jessica added a fur bolero that exuded sheer luxury. Our next destination was Central Park, where the magical colors of the surroundings created an enchanting atmosphere. We captured a few more shots in and around the park, capturing the essence of their love.

Next, we arrived at Loeb Boathouse, where the couple was filled with anticipation. The air was filled with a festive ambiance as Michael and Jessica sipped champagne, eagerly awaiting the start of the ceremony. The guests were already in their places, eagerly anticipating the couple's arrival. Michael stood at the altar, eagerly awaiting Jessica, who gracefully made her way towards him. The ceremony unfolded beautifully as they exchanged rings and heartfelt vows. Every significant moment was meticulously captured in our photographs.

The guests were overjoyed, applauding as we proceeded to the reception hall. While everyone enjoyed cocktails and mingled, Michael and Jessica took center stage for their first dance. All eyes were fixed on them, captivated by their love. Following their mesmerizing first dance, the party commenced, and the guests joyfully danced to live music. The atmosphere was simply incredible, and we were honored to be a part of this celebration, preserving all the important memories of the day.

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