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Megan & Arcadio's Maritime Parc Wedding


As a wedding photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the beautiful love story of Megan and Arcadio on a warm September day at Maritime Parc. The day began with Megan surrounded by her closest friends, sipping champagne and enjoying the excitement leading up to the wedding. Megan's mother helped her create a stunning wedding image filled with anticipation and joy, and a bouquet of luxurious flowers was a great addition.


Meanwhile, Arcadio and his friends were also getting ready for the big day, raising a toast and sharing laughs as they eagerly awaited the moment they would say "I do." The first magical encounter between Megan and Arcadio took place at the picturesque Liberty State Park, overlooking the breathtaking New York City skyline. It was a moment filled with emotions, which I skillfully captured in photographs.

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Following a private photo session, the couple reunited with their friends for a fun group shoot at the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal. The vintage ambiance of the station's vestibule provided a perfect backdrop for capturing their stylish group portraits, radiating with personality and excitement. As we strolled through the park, we created a collection of stunning images that portrayed the love and chemistry between Megan and Arcadio.

Next, we moved on reception to Maritime Parc, where the wedding ceremony took place. Live music filled the air, and guests eagerly awaited the couple's arrival. Arcadio was the first to enter, followed by Megan, accompanied by her parents. The ceremony was deeply moving, filled with heartfelt vows and shared promises.

After the ceremony, guests gathered on the rooftop, enjoying cocktails and engaging conversations against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset. As evening fell, the party truly began. Live music energized the atmosphere, and Megan and Arcadio's first dance ignited the dance floor, leading everyone to join in the celebration. The party continued throughout the night, with lively music and energetic performances.

As wedding photographers and videographers, we were dedicated to capturing every precious moment. We skillfully documented the laughter, tears, and genuine emotions throughout the day, ensuring that Megan and Arcadio's memories would be preserved for a lifetime. It was an honor to be part of their special day and to create a visual narrative that reflects their unique love story.