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La Reina & Matt West Village Engagement

Step into the enchanting world of La Reina and Matt's NYC engagement, a love story unfolding against the iconic backdrop of the West Village in Manhattan. This vibrant, passionate couple exuded warmth and happiness on the day of their engagement photo and video shoot, all beautifully captured by our expert NYC engagement photographer.


Our journey with La Reina and Matt began at the charming Van Leeuwen Ice Cream shop. Over cups of coffee and delightful conversation in the cafe's greenery-adorned setting, it was evident that their connection was something truly special. Their joy and togetherness were palpable, making it a joy to be a part of their love story.

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As we savored the cozy café atmosphere, we soon decided to venture outside into the lovely West Village. Our unhurried stroll through these picturesque streets allowed us to capture the intimate moments of love between La Reina and Matt.

The couple, looking incredibly stylish, perfectly complemented the warm ambiance of our walk. The historical streets and beautiful architecture provided a romantic backdrop for our engagement shoot, and as we wandered through the area, we didn't miss any chance to freeze their love in time.

We meandered through charming alleyways, shared in the beauty of historic buildings, and captured the essence of a waning summer. The result? A stunning collection of engagement photos that we're absolutely delighted to share with you.

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