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Kelly & Chidi's Manhattan Engagement

As a passionate photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the enchanting love story of Kelly and Chidi on a warm May evening in the beautiful neighborhood of Upper West Side, Manhattan. We began our shoot at their home, where the open balcony offered breathtaking views of the city. Kelly and Chidi sipped champagne, soaking in the atmosphere and setting the tone for the evening. Kelly looked stunning in her elegant white evening dress, radiating beauty and grace.


After enjoying a champagne, we embarked on a leisurely stroll through the charming streets of the Upper West Side, accompanied by their delightful dog. The weather was perfect, and we took advantage of the picturesque scenery, capturing the essence of warmth and love between the couple against the backdrop of historic buildings. Every click of the camera froze a precious moment, forever preserving their connection and affection.

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As we continued our unhurried walk, embracing spontaneous moments, we found ourselves approaching the grand American Museum of Natural History. The magnificent architecture served as an exquisite backdrop for a private photoshoot with Kelly and Chidi. The museum's white stone walls added a touch of sophistication and elegance, accentuating the couple's style and grace.

With each snapshot, we captured the warmest and most intimate moments, allowing Kelly and Chidi to bask in their love for each other. Our photographs tell a story of their profound connection, showcasing their unique bond and genuine affection. As the evening drew to a close, we left the couple to cherish their time together, savoring the memories created during this magical photo session.

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