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Katherine & Justin's Oheka Castle Wedding

Enter the magical love story filled with enchanting voices and moving music, all set against the magnificent tapestry of Oheka Castle—a storied estate that has echoed through the roaring twenties. Join us on this visual journey of a day when everything unfolded pretty much like a modern-day fairy tale, every bit filled with pure joy at two people coming together in holy matrimony.


Our day commenced within the luxurious walls of Oheka Castle. A touch of overcast charm seemed to come together with the weather to set the mood for an intimate and grandeur feel for this extraordinary venue. Radiant Katherine, her experienced wedding photographer from NYC skillfully capturing every moment of her wedding, made the final touches while sharing a champagne moment with her bridesmaids.


It was a morning broken by laughter, and one could seem to hear the giggles just filling the air. Incredibly moving were the letters passed between the bride and her two best friends, and tears of joy formed an emotional tapestry that gave meaning to the day. As Katherine delicately stepped into her magnificent wedding gown, a collective gasp of awe echoed through the castle.

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Throughout this time, Justin finishing his preparations and dressing into the wedding day attire, time took on a journey of one of those highly anticipated "firsts"—a moment woven with the anticipation, nerves, and emotion of seeing each other before the ceremony.

The first rendezvous between Katherine and Justin unraveled in the garden of the castle—a picturesque place with the paths carefully cut, thick greenery, and a quiet fountain. More like silent storytellers, our cameras fixed the magical moment of the love snapshot to be timeless in front of the historical charm of the castle. The courtyard hummed with the anticipation of his arrival and the approaching ceremony, as he went towards the courtyard. The whole air was quivering with excited talk, and guests from far and near had assembled at the place where two souls would be made one. With radiance in her stride, Katherine came with an arm within her father's to the sight of this moment, where time was forever stilled, walking towards the altar. The ceremony developed as a magical affair: vows exchanged, rings placed, couple for life pronounced. Our cameras, ever-watchful, diligently captured every nuance, preserving the sacred essence of this pivotal moment.

After the banquet, dances as alive as each footstep that echoed the joys of the new couple continued the grandeur of the celebration. Choreographed by love, the first dance of the couple left everyone enchanted.

The climax showcased the towering wedding cake—that confectionery masterpiece, which was not only a treat to the eye but also the literal meaning of something sweet to represent the new beginning. The cake cutting, a shared moment of laughter and joy, marked the beginning of a new chapter for Katherine and Justin.

In the waning light of day, Oheka Castle stood, as if some dumb monument to love and celebration had twined in its walls.

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