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Katherine & Justin's Oheka Castle Wedding

Step into the enchanting love tale of Katherine and Justin, an ode to love unfolding against the majestic backdrop of Oheka Castle, a historic estate resonating the opulence of the roaring twenties. Embark on a visual journey through a day that unfurled as a modern fairytale, each moment radiating the pure joy of two souls uniting in matrimony.


Our day commenced within the luxurious walls of Oheka Castle. Despite a touch of overcast charm, the weather added an intimate and grandeur feel to this extraordinary venue. The radiant Katherine, her wedding moments skillfully captured by a seasoned wedding photographer from NYC, added final touches while sharing champagne with her bridesmaids. Laughter filled the air, resonating with the palpable excitement of the day. A poignant exchange of heartfelt letters between the bride and her closest friends evoked tears of joy, creating an emotional tapestry that added depth to the day.

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As Katherine delicately stepped into her magnificent wedding gown, a collective gasp of awe echoed through the castle. Simultaneously, Justin, completing his preparations and dressing in wedding attire, embarked on the journey to their much-anticipated first look—a moment woven with anticipation, nerves, and the profound emotion of seeing each other before the ceremony.

The initial encounter between Katherine and Justin unfolded in the castle's garden—a captivating setting with manicured paths, lush bushes, and a tranquil fountain. Our cameras, working as silent narrators, immortalized this enchanting moment, a magical snapshot of love frozen in time against the historical charm of the castle.

Progressing towards the ceremony, the castle courtyard buzzed with anticipation. The atmosphere vibrated with chatter and excitement, as guests, dressed in their finest, gathered to witness the union of two souls. Escorted by her father, Katherine entered radiantly, walking towards the altar—a moment where time seemed to stand still. The ceremony unfolded as a magical affair, with vows exchanged, rings placed, and the couple pronounced as partners for life. Our cameras, ever-watchful, diligently captured every nuance, preserving the sacred essence of this pivotal moment.

Post-banquet, the grandeur of the celebration continued with lively dances, each step echoing the joy of the newlyweds. The couple's first dance, a choreography of love, mesmerized all in attendance. The climax featured the grand entrance of a towering wedding cake, a confectionary masterpiece that not only delighted the eyes but also symbolized the sweetness of new beginnings. The cake cutting, a shared moment of laughter and joy, marked the beginning of a new chapter for Katherine and Justin.

In the fading light of the day, Oheka Castle stood as a silent witness to the love and celebration that had unfolded within its walls. As the festivities concluded, the couple bid farewell to their guests, their hearts filled with the warmth of love, the echoes of laughter, and the promise of a beautiful journey ahead.

Thank you for sharing in the joyous celebration of Katherine and Justin's wedding. These photographs are more than images; they are fragments of a love story, frozen in time—a testament to the love, happiness, and magic that filled the air on this remarkable day.

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