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Gavriella and Zachary's Art Factory Studio Wedding

As a team of wedding photographers and videographers from NYC, we had the honor of witnessing the enchanting union of Gavriella and Zachary at Art Factory Studio. The vintage charm of the old rope factory served as a magnificent backdrop for Gavriella's preparations, surrounded by exquisite interiors.

Gavriella and her closest friends joyfully celebrated, toasting with champagne and creating unforgettable moments. Meanwhile, Zachary getting ready and dressed in a charismatic suit that exuded confidence.


We captured vibrant group photographs, showcasing the genuine bonds between Gavriella and her friends. At that time, Zachary engaged in a friendly game of table football with his friends. This friendly atmosphere charged the day with confidence.

The first look between Zachary and Gavriella was truly mesmerizing. They met in the inner courtyard, surrounded by lush greenery and whispers of the factory's history.

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After an intimate photoshoot, we captured cherished memories with the couple's friends and bridesmaids. Gavriella and Zachary's friends seamlessly blended with the industrial ambiance of Art Factory Studio, embodying style icons. The graceful reception began, with Gavriella making her entrance accompanied by her parents. Gavriella and Zachary exchanged vows, rings, and sealed the ceremony with a passionate kiss.

Guests enjoyed the festive atmosphere as preparations were made for the banquet, and we captured intimate moments during a private photoshoot, focusing on the extraordinary bond between Gavriella and Zachary. The banquet hall exuded grandeur and sophistication, with vibrant decorations and an impressive cake. Everyone engaged in conversations and had a great time.

But Gavriella and Zachary's first dance enchanted everyone, filling the room. Guests eagerly joined in the festivities, dancing to the lively tunes of a live band.

After indulging in appetizers and toasting, everyone returned to the dance floor, reveling throughout the night. And going outside to take a breath, our couple saw that the courtyard transformed into a magical scene, which was decorated with sparkling sparklers by their friends, they created a corridor of sparks in which Gavriella and Zachary appeared like in a fairy tale. This moment was the perfect end to a charming evening.

It was a pleasure to capture the love and joy of Gavriella and Zachary's wedding day. Their celebration at Art Factory Studio will forever be cherished as a testament to their unique style, genuine connection, and the enduring power of love.