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Duyen & Giancarlo’s DUMBO Elopement

Join us on a journey to witness the love story of Duyen & Giancarlo, a couple whose special day unfolded against the iconic backdrop of New York City. Our cameras captured the magic as this beautiful bride and groom embarked on their elopement adventure.


Our adventure began in DUMBO, where our heroes radiated excitement and anticipation. Against the backdrop of the city that never sleeps, their love story unfolded effortlessly. With the legendary Brooklyn Bridge framing their love, this couple shared a tender moment in the Empire Fulton Ferry area.

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From there, we ventured to Max Family Garden, where we immortalized this couple amidst the lush greenery, creating timeless garden shots that will stand the test of time. Laughter and smiles filled the air as friends and family joined in, making for some memorable group photos that reflected the couple's unique style.

When we arrived at Gramercy Park, our cameras captured their love amidst picturesque walkways, where their emotions shone brightly amidst the lush greenery and the charming architecture of the old city. The love story of Doyen and Giancarlo continued to unfold as they strolled hand in hand through this beautiful neighborhood, creating unforgettable moments.

At noon, we arrived at "Little Rebel," a cozy spot where they enjoyed a delicious lunch and drinks. We immortalized their toasts, capturing the interior decor and candid moments of the couple and their cherished guests. Our cameras were always ready, capturing every detail of this unforgettable day.

Duyen & Giancarlo's wedding day was a journey of love and joy, and we were honored to be the storytellers behind the lens, preserving their magical day for eternity.

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