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Cynthia & Stevens Current Chelsea Pier Sixty Wedding

Join us on a journey through the heartwarming wedding story of Cynthia and Stevens. From their charming first meeting near The Roxy Hotel to a glamorous celebration at Current Chelsea Pier Sixty, their love story unfolds in the heart of New York City. Experience the beauty of their 'La Vie En Rose' inspired wedding, where opulence meets sophistication, and every moment is a testament to their love."


Nestled in the heart of New York City, Cynthia Cadeau and Stevens Desir embarked on a journey that celebrated love, family, and home. The couple's story is a testament to the notion that sometimes, love blossoms in familiar neighborhoods. Cynthia and Stevens, though separated by time, were brought together by destiny and their shared connection to the vibrant city they call home.

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Their love story took on new dimensions when Stevens knelt down on one knee amidst the beauty of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, asking Cynthia to be his partner for life. With that proposal, their wedding planning began, driven by a desire to create an event that not only celebrated their love but also showcased their shared journey.

Guided by the melody of Edith Piaf's "La Vie En Rose," Cynthia and Stevens curated a wedding that exuded opulence and sophistication. Their union was celebrated on September 19, 2021, at the magnificent Current Chelsea Pier Sixty. Aided by wedding planner Jeff Stillwell, their day radiated a glamorous charm, turning their dreams into a tangible reality.

Cynthia, a vision of elegance, graced the occasion in a mermaid dress from Galia Lahav that perfectly accentuated her beauty. Adorned in Jimmy Choo shoes, Verstolo accessories, and a veil by the wedding dress designer, her attire was a harmonious blend of grace and style.

As Cynthia prepared for her momentous day, Glamour by Shaniqua and Felicia Graham worked their magic, ensuring her radiance shone naturally. Her makeup, a reflection of her true self, was complemented by a classic Hollywood-inspired hairstyle.

Stevens, equally dashing, donned an ivory tuxedo ensemble from J.Crew, coupled with a Tom Ford bowtie and a Hugo Boss shirt. His favorite watch punctuated his look with a touch of elegance.

The couple's reception was a testament to their love and connection, as they shared a touching first dance to Al Green's "Let’s Stay Together." The festivities, accompanied by TSG Productions' lively music, continued as friends and family danced and reveled in the joy of the moment.

As the night drew to a close, a sense of togetherness lingered, with some guests reluctant to bid farewell. Cynthia and Stevens' wedding journey exemplified the essence of home: a place where hearts are united, memories are created, and love thrives.