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The Foundry Wedding Candice & Stefan

On a beautiful summer day, a truly unforgettable event unfolded - the wedding of the lovely couple, Candice and Stefan. The story began in the early hours as they prepared for their special day at the Box Hotel. Excitement filled the air, and anticipation grew with each passing moment.


As the day unfolded, the time arrived for Candice and Stefan's first look - a breathtaking moment captured amidst the enchanting backdrop of The Foundry. This iconic venue holds a special place in our hearts, as we have had the privilege of capturing numerous love stories within its walls. Every nook and cranny of this captivating space is familiar, allowing us to create stunning imagery showcasing its unique charm.


The ceremony and reception at The Foundry were nothing short of magical. Surrounded by the venue's rustic elegance and industrial-chic ambiance, Candice and Stefan's love radiated and touched the hearts of all attendees. The dance floor came alive as the couple and their guests celebrated joyfully, creating unforgettable memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.


As experienced wedding photographers and videographers in New York, we understand the importance of capturing every moment and immersing ourselves in the essence of each venue. The Foundry holds a special place in our repertoire, and our intimate familiarity with its every corner allows us to document its essence in every frame artfully.


For those planning their dream wedding in the bustling streets of New York City, allow us to be your trusted storytellers, capturing the beauty of your chosen venue and the intimate moments shared throughout your special day. We understand the significance of every detail and are committed to delivering exceptional photography and videography that will exceed your expectations.

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