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Alexzia & Eric's Breathtaking Wedding at Tribeca 360

We began the wedding day in the company of Alexia, who spent a wonderful time with her bridesmaids, getting ready for the big day and having a great time. As Alexzia put on her exquisite dress, she looked absolutely flawless, while Eric and his friends also prepared, helping each other with bow ties and providing words of encouragement, all in a fantastic friendly atmosphere. Together, they embarked on a journey towards their special day in a car that resembled a mobile nightclub.


The moment of their first look arrived, and Alexia, in her stunning wedding dress, approached Eric, who was eagerly awaiting her. The moments of their meeting were enchanting and filled with anticipation, which we captured and invite you to enjoy. After the first look, we decided to take a walk through the city and have a private photoshoot against the backdrop of historic buildings and industrial views. The couple looked incredibly stylish against the cityscape, resulting in stunning photographs. We also captured group shots, including their friends and bridesmaids, where our company became an icon of style, with impeccable suits exuding elegance and the women's dresses showcasing luxury and beauty.

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Following the group photoshoot, we headed to the wedding venue, Tribeca 360, which offered breathtaking views of New York, New Jersey, and captivating landmarks in this exclusive space. As we entered the building, a door welcomed us with the names of our couple, creating an intimate atmosphere solely dedicated to them. Inside, the hall was adorned with decorations, including moments from their life captured in photographs, particularly touching was an image of their hand-in-hand proposal. The entire interior had a magical ambiance, with candlelight creating a mysterious and romantic atmosphere.

Moving to the reception area, where the wedding ceremony would take place, we found all their friends and acquaintances eagerly waiting. Eric made his entrance first, followed by Alexzia, accompanied by her father. The ceremony itself was enchanting. After the exchange of rings and vows, they sealed their union with a passionate kiss, met with applause from their friends.

While everyone enjoyed the banquet hall, we took a moment to capture breathtaking rooftop photos against the backdrop of the cityscape. Alexzia and Eric radiated happiness and joy in each other's company. Following the rooftop shoot, we entered the banquet hall for the couple's first dance. It was a romantic and standout moment of the evening. Then came the time for the banquet, where everyone had the opportunity to congratulate the newlyweds and offer toasts. Of course, we couldn't forget about the sweet moment, as the couple eagerly indulged in their beautifully designed and stylish wedding cake.

After this sweet moment, Alexzia threw her wedding bouquet, and her friends stood behind her, hoping to catch it. The bouquet toss became a fun and competitive tradition to watch. The evening continued with laughter, dancing, and music, filling the air with joy. We were thrilled to capture these moments in Alexzia and Eric's life and tried our best to convey the atmosphere and their love through our photography.

Thank you for plunging into the fascinating world of Alexey and Eric's wedding day, which we have perfectly documented by our experienced wedding photographer in the busy city of New York. From heartfelt preparations to exciting moments, our wedding photo captures the essence of their love story.