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Alex & Monica Balloon Museum Engagement

Come along and witness as Alex & Monica share their love in a beautiful engagement photo session. In the lively Balloon Museum, consider the sky to be a sanctuary of imagination and style. As we entered through the doors of the museum, its weird interiors, with various playful lights, changed to become the perfect background for the love-inspiring escapade.


Alex and Monica together were pure magic, and we just added some glitter to their day. In fact, their connection was so literal—a bond they could not break or set free from themselves—they were literally emitting love and smiles. And so, we set out to capture just those moments—eternally document the magic that was Alex & Monica.

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Going deeper into the museum, you are able to come across a couple of spaces that are all creative, but in each, it seemed like the style of our couple came naturally. From colorful backgrounds to a hard-contrast black-and-white room, every place seemed like their chic outfits would stand out. We used this artistic setting to come up with striking shots that best define their personality and the spark they had for each other.

As we entered further, a big room welcomed us—filled with balloons and made into a pool hosting spontaneity and adventure. Alex & Monica couldn't help but give in to the seduction of jumping into the sea of balloons—a time of buoyant fun and excitement. Moving forward, we reached a small stage where the pinnacle of the evening unfolded.

It was there, on that stage, in the magical atmosphere of the museum, that Alex proposed to Monica; with an engagement ring that shone like a beacon at their love, it was all caught on camera with real surprised and pleased faces. It was like the whole museum was a boiling cauldron of their infectious joy.

So this is the pleased moment to present to you this lively event and some very colorful photographs from this event. Here, everyone is invited to come along with us and relive all the charm from the engagement of Alex & Monica, where every frame speaks for love and spontaneity living in the beauty of the heart of New York City.

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