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Marissa & Eric's Tribeca Rooftop Wedding

Join us on a mesmerizing journey as we delve into the wedding day of Marissa and Eric at the stunning Tribeca Rooftop. As a wedding photographer based in NYC, I had the pleasure of capturing every special moment of their extraordinary day.


We began the day in the luxurious interiors of the Frederic Hotel, located in the vibrant Tribeca neighborhood. Marissa and her closest friends spent the morning getting ready for the wedding, sipping champagne and creating beautiful memories. The excitement was palpable, and I skillfully captured these tender moments in photographs.

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As Marissa adorned her exquisite wedding gown, assisted by her mother and dear friends, the anticipation grew. Eric, looking dashing in his stylish wedding suit, eagerly awaited their first look. This intimate moment, set against the charming streets of Tribeca, overflowed with love and warmth, beautifully translated into our photographs. Their friends joined them shortly after, and we embarked on a city stroll, capturing breathtaking shots of the couple amidst historic buildings and vintage cars.

Next, we moved to reception Tribeca Rooftop, the venue where their wedding ceremony would take place. This spectacular location boasted incredible views, and everything was meticulously prepared for the celebration. The atmosphere was electric as we ascended to the rooftop, greeted by a lively crowd of guests and the enchanting sounds of live music.

The moment arrived when Eric stood at the altar, eagerly awaiting Marissa's arrival. The ceremony commenced, and amidst heartfelt vows and the exchange of rings, we expertly captured these significant and emotional moments in our wedding photographs. After the ceremony, we accompanied the newlyweds to the banquet area, where guests mingled, laughed, and enjoyed cocktails. The first dance of Marissa and Eric marked a memorable highlight of the evening, igniting a contagious energy that soon had everyone on the dance floor.

The festivities continued with heartfelt speeches from friends and family, expressing warm wishes and touching sentiments. As the evening progressed, talented bartenders delighted everyone with their craft, and the celebration continued with exuberant dancing that lasted throughout the night.

When the energy peaked, Marissa and Eric stole a quiet moment on the rooftop, marveling at the breathtaking view of the city that never sleeps. We discreetly captured the intimacy of that serene moment, a beautiful reflection of their unwavering love.

We had the utmost pleasure in documenting this magnificent wedding, and we invite you to relish in the enchanting atmosphere through our stunning photographs. Whether you're planning a New York wedding or seeking a professional wedding photographer, our team is dedicated to capturing the essence of your most significant life events. Contact us today to preserve your cherished memories for a lifetime.