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Anne & Theo's Enchanting Winter Wedding at The Loeb Boathouse Central Park


As a wedding photographer and videographer, I had the honor of capturing the magical love story of Anne and Theo on their special day. The wedding took place in December, amidst the captivating colors and views of Central Park in New York City. But let's step back for a moment and immerse ourselves in the preparations that took place at the hotel. Anne and her bridesmaids enjoyed champagne on the terrace, with breathtaking views of Manhattan serving as a stunning backdrop. Their joyous company created an atmosphere of celebration and excitement. Meanwhile, Anne's exquisite gown awaited her in anticipation.


At the same time, Theo was getting ready for the wedding with his friends. They helped each other tie their bowties, shared laughter, and when everything was set, they stepped out onto the terrace to take in the fresh air and indulge in the panoramic city views while enjoying a refreshing beer. Seeking an extra boost of energy and confidence, they even made a quick visit to the hotel gym, where they playfully raced on the treadmills and had a friendly competition on the bench press.

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After the preparations, it was time for Anne and Theo's first look, dressed elegantly and stylishly. Against the backdrop of the city, they looked absolutely incredible, and we captured the full range of emotions in our photographs and video. 

Next, in the company of their friends and family, we made our way to reception in The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, where the celebration was set to take place. We traveled in our personal bus, ensuring that everyone enjoyed the journey and kept their spirits high. Upon arrival, we took several group photos of Anne and her stunning bridesmaids. After a brief private photoshoot with Anne and Theo, capturing their love and intimacy, we proceeded to the ceremony.

Theo eagerly awaited his beloved at the altar, while Anne, escorted by her father, walked toward him, leaving the guests in awe of her beauty. The ceremony was incredibly heartfelt and romantic. The exchange of vows and rings culminated in a passionate kiss that filled everyone with joy and excitement.

Following the ceremony, the banquet commenced, accompanied by live music. The dance floor came alive, and the atmosphere was filled with infectious energy and merriment that lasted throughout the night. The celebration was simply splendid.

As photographers, we were thrilled to capture every moment of this magnificent day, preserving the memories for Anne and Theo to cherish for a lifetime. Contact us today to secure our exceptional wedding photography and videography services and let us transform your special day into a timeless visual narrative.

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