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Photographer Reviews | James Burden Mansion

James Burden Mansion is a historical townhouse that has been an incredible place for weddings, big or small. This venue space is ideal for 150-200 guests who will be able to enjoy the mansion, and it’s courtyard. It’s tall marble walls, and intricate ceilings will leave you and your guests in awe. The couple can enter as husband and wife via the grand staircase that leads on to the first floor, and the party can begin. This entrance makes for some fantastic photos and moments for the video. This mansion is close to Central Park and other impressive buildings that will only add to your wedding photos and video. The pictures & videos from the James Burden Mansion always leave us wanting to do more weddings there. This venue has natural light and lots of unique details that make for fantastic photography & videography material.


✔  Park/Greenery2

✔  Street views3

✔  Classic Brownstones4

✔  Close to Central Park5

✔  Classic & Traditional venue7

✔  Great interior in & out9

✔  Quite16

✔  Walk & Shoot12

✔  Natural light10

✔  Yellow cabs13


✖  Dark + Moody11

✖  Street Art14

✖  Crowded15

✖  Rooftop17

✖  Great view of New York1

✖  Industrial & Untraditional venue8

✖  Close to Brooklyn DUMBO6


  1. Great view of New York can sometimes be found while walking in the city or looking at it from Brooklyn. Many times the view can be seen from a rooftop. 
  2. Park + Greenery - This is for the nature lovers or those who like greenery in their photos. Public parks and small secret gardens are our favorite spots for photography.
  3. Street Views - The view you get when standing between tall buildings and being surrounded by them. A whole street can be filled with this type of architecture making for some interesting backgrounds. 
  4. Classic Brownstone - Is a type of townhouse building located in most boroughs of New York City. Several neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn are filled with brownstones that look amazing in photos and videos.
  5. Close to Central Park - Walking distance to New York Central Park where you can go before your ceremony or afterward and get unique & iconic photos.
  6. Close to Brooklyn DUMBO - Walking distance to Brooklyn DUMBO for more photography and videography material. Overlooking Manhattan’s skyline and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, this location has become very popular in recent years.
  7. Classic & Traditional venue - This is your classy & traditional indoor venue that many couples choose for their wedding. The white and gold decor is typically used in classic & traditional venues. Estates, mansions, arboretums are considered to be traditional venues. 
  8. Industrial & Untraditional venue - These venues are usually breweries, wineries, and lofts. A lot of the time they feature metal, brick, and modern details. A lot of the time these can also have rooftop & outdoor access.
  9. Great Interior & Exterior - This means that both the interior and exterior of the venue are photogenic and can be used for photography & videography.
  10. Natural Light - Natural light is amazing for capturing true colors. Natural light gives photos a clean and clear look.
  11. Dark + Moody - Certain venues and outdoor spaces sometimes just give off this dark and bold feel. If that is something you like, make sure to let the photographer know.
  12. Walk + Shoot - This is something that is done a lot in Manhattan when the couple and the photographer walk from point A to B and take photos as they are getting from one location to another. This can be done if the couple is walking from their hotel to Central Park, but takes photos on the Upper Eastside with brownstones.
  13. Yellow Cabs - A lot of couples who come from out of town and get married in NYC like to have photos with the yellow taxi cabs in the background or even stand next to them. These cabs are popular in Manhattan and there are several avenues that have a lot of them. 
  14. Street Art - NYC has some amazing walls with street art and that can be an awesome background for photos & videos. These change from time to time, so make sure to check on your street art a few weeks/days before your wedding to make sure it’s still there.
  15. Crowded - Certain areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn can be pretty crowded. So either don’t go there or embrace the passing locals and tourists. A lot of the time extra people around can make for unique shots.
  16. Quiet + Peaceful - Believe it or not, but there are some quiet and peaceful spots in New York. Choose these if you want to take the moment in and if you don’t feel comfortable posing in front of many people. 
  17. Rooftop Views - There are many different types of rooftops in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Some are part of hotels, others are public. Some are right in the city with buildings all around you, others are further away with Manhattan in the far distance. Make sure to figure out what kind of rooftop you want.