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How To Get The Best Engagement Photos In New York

A love-story or engagement photo-shoot requires some preparation and close attention should be paid to your and your other half’s appearance. What should you pay attention to when choosing your outfit, how to choose the location for your photo-shoot, is it okay to take photos in the winter, how not to look foolish, and why for what may seem like a simple event, one must prepare for even with the use of professionals.

Clothing makes the photo-shoot! The success of your photo-shoot in large depends on what you wear. Pay attention to how your outfit looks together with your partners, the theme of the photo-shoot and the location. Seasonal photo-shoots guide the selection of clothing for your look. For a summer weddings a flowy dress and simple shoes. Avoid heavy and bulky shoes for men, as well as dark colors in attire. For winter weddings outerwear is more important than anything else. Try to choose a coat or a sweater made from wood, cashmere or cotton over a puffy down jacket. When possible, stay away from synthetic fabrics. To make your look a bit more interesting and unique incorporate warm hats,
scarf sand other winter accessories. Spring and fall looks should also mirror the seasons accordingly. A dress with a floral print will look great in the spring, while chunky cardigans with midi skirts, trench coats, boots
and a floppy hat will make your fall outfit complete.

The location is another important element to keep in mind while you decide what to wear. The clothing should not only be appropriate stylistically for the location but also fit the general color pallet of the surroundings. The color pallet of your look should not only fit in with the décor, nature, location and weather but also look good on you. A quick way to figure out what colors work best for you, try looking at the clothes that you have in your closet and the pieces that you wear in your day to day life. If an engagement photo-shoot is taking place outside, stick to a natural color pallet and clothing that’s airy and flowy. For a city walk, photo shoot chooses a more modern look. For a rustic photo-shoot in a field, park, the mountains or on a farm pick a flowy dress for a girl and a light shirt, perhaps paid for the guy. Instead of jeans, choose pants made from cotton or light wool. Locations that are a fool of air and nature loose heir beauty when mixed with complex outfits and heavy fabrics. For photo-shoots during golden hour stick to pastel tones, because the sun during this time of day does not like bright colors.

Don’t forget about your personal style while picking an outfit for the photo-shoot. You want to be comfortable in front of the camera. If you are used to formal wear, don’t try to change that, just like if you usually wear jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt, a suit and tie will probably not be comfortable for you.


Couples often ask what are the best locations for a photo-shoot and although we have some recommendations, the choice is yours because this is your photo-shoot, your special day and these photos will hang in your home, not someone else’s. Try to remember your very first date, a trip to the movies, theaters, concerts, or your favorite way to spend the weekend. All of these moments are special, even the two of you in your home. A simple photo-shoot at home or at a cute breakfast spot in your neighborhood can turn out to be lovely. No matter what, I value your unique and unforgettable story that you decide to share with me.

There are always many questions about how to prepare for a photo-shoot. We are not participating in them on the daily, but you want to get the best results when you do have one. Besides finding a good photographer you should also think about your whole look: outfits, makeup, hair. Why do we recommend to hire a professional to prepare? First of all – there will be less stress on you. Second- the lens of a camera sees you differently, so professional makeup artists know whom to prevent your make up from looking washed out. They also know how to enhance your features and make sure that the makeup look will match your outfit. And when you look amazing you feel more confident in front of the camera. This makes for an amazing end result—the photos will be unforgettable.

Contrary to popular belief, a photo-shoot is not the process of collecting frozen poses and moments in time. Don’t stand with a frozen smile, move like you usually do, act naturally and organically.

During my photo-shoots, we will just wander around and photograph during that time. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pose, we can always figure it out on those images where it's needed, or show you how to move in a way that will translate best on the camera. Don’t over
thing this process, try to relax and enjoy it instead and the results will not disappoint you.