Your opinion is very important for me.

I really appreciate it!
Kate and Ben
Did an incredibly beautiful job on our engagement pictures. He takes the time to get to know the couple and creates a story about them that is told in visually breathtaking images. He takes a very artistic, editorial approach to his shots and he is not focused on the traditional shots where the couple looks straight on at the camera. We were thrilled with the job he did and can't wait for him to shoot our wedding.
Li & Nade
Danila is an artistic, patient, enthusiastic, and humorous photographer. We met once before the engagement photography in the mid fall. He knew and took us to some gorgeous spots from Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan. Many great pictures were taken while my fiancee and I were talking to each other, just like the simple and natural style as he describes himself. Strongly recommend.
David and Effy
My husband and I came across Danila's work on Instagram and we absolutely fell in love with his style so we knew we wanted him to capture our wedding. 
He was very quick to respond to my emails. We discussed my preferences and places we could shoot. I honestly left everything in his discretion and I couldn't be any happier with the outcome. 
He was very patient while shooting since it was our first photoshoot. He gave us advice on how to pose and where to look which made everything much easier. It was overall a super fun shoot and I would recommend Danila 100%!
Kate & Philip
Я это сообщение скопировал из нашей переписки. Лучше чем любой отзыв)

Слушай, ну ты крутой все-таки!
Я обычно ничего хорошего от фотосешнов не жду, ТК знаю, что мой ржач и Филовские страдания портят большую часть кадров.. Но ты супер! Я в восторге. И посмеялись тоже сейчас, поулыбались, и я себе в кои-то веки симпатична, даже там, где ржу, и Фил ни слова скептичного не сказал, только улыбался и молчал (значит, понравилось ему!)) Всё это говорит о том, что реально классные (и сочные, несмотря на погоду!) фоточки ты сделал. Супер-пупер. Обязательно распечатаю, альбом сделаю и даже кн самую-самую в рамку на стену впервые в жизни повешу))
Спасиииибо! :)
Luana and Christian
We weren't able to have them as photographers for our wedding, but we are SO SO glad we took our engagements photo with Danila. 
Danila has such a great personality and truly helped my husband and I feel comfortable in front of the camera. As first-time models, Danila's direction and flexibility helped us feel (and get) very natural shots and we trust for him!
If I ever need photographers for any event again, Danila will be my first choice!
Taylor and Tida
Danila did a fantastic job capturing our engagement party. He was very responsive to the type of photos we were hoping to get out of the evening and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
Lara & Vradimir
Danila is simply amazing! We hired him for our Wedding in October and couldn't be happier with our decision. He is incredibly talented, a pleasure to work with, and you can't beat his price. We compared at least 10 different photographers before deciding on Danila and even photographers that cost twice as much did not display the talent and quality that we got from Danila. His style is more editorial than the regular documentary style that is "in" right now, and he has an incredible eye for capturing your personal love story. Do yourself a favor, and hire him now, before his prices go up, because the quality of his photos would definitely warrant it!
The day of our Wedding Danila stayed with us from the church ceremony, to the garden my husband and I chose for private photos of just the two of us, to the reception venue. He made us feel at ease, blended in perfectly with our wedding guest, and captured every single moment of our special day beautifully. We felt like he was another friend at our wedding, not just a photographer. 
Danila delivered our photos one month earlier than anticipated, and his story captures our wedding day beautifully! We can't recommend him enough!!!
Jakie and Chris
Daniels the best! He's prompt. He is super talented. He's very reasonably priced. He delivered our engagement photos on time ( one month early ). I love his entire portfolio. Cant wait until our wedding day - hes the photographer for that too. Highly recommending him to all my friends. My engagement photos turned out perfect.
Belinda and Andrew
Danila is wonderful! He's kind, gentle, and has the determination to ensure you capture great memories and have an amazing time doing so. We spent the day walking around with Danila, he was so easy going and personal after a few minutes you feel you're just hanging out with an old friend. Can't recommend him enough.
Peter and Minh
Danila is a remarkably professional photographer who has an eye to capture the heart and the sentiment of our wedding. He has a unique editorial vision, an extremely strong work ethic and was willing to go the extra mile. He took every opportunity to capture our day even during the rain. We had a small wedding in our neighbourhood which was special to us because it was our home and where we have built a life together. Danila was able to capture and see things that we didn’t even see, or know was there. We loved the style in which he was able to capture, not just visually but the heart and soul of our wedding and the joy shared with the family and friends in attendance. His pictures captured the story of our wedding. We feel simply blessed and grateful to have Danila apart of our day. We simply cannot recommend him enough.
Byungjin & Eunjoo
We had a great shoot with Danila for our engagement photos. He made us feel very comfortable and had great ideas on poses and places. We received the photos in about a month and the resulting shots are natural and warm. We've received many compliments from our friends and families. I highly recommend him!
Jean-Paul & Candace
I searched far and wide for a wonderful engagement photographer. After being cancelled on 2 times by other photographers(both last minute!), I THANKFULLY found Danila through instagram! I looked at his website and fell in love with his photos and stories that he builds. 
The communication with Danila was easy and he always responded in a timely manner. I never felt like a lower valued client because I was "only" doing engagements. 
When we were planning the location for the engagements, Danila was open to my suggestions but also had a lot of experience shooting in the city so his opinion was invaluable! We decided on 2 different "area" locations. I was wanting a very city chic look for our engagements but thought to add a little park soft romance to the mix too. Danila understood the looks I was going for and even looked through my million and one inspiration photos on pinterest to better understand my dreams for the shoot! Haha. 
One of the best things about Danila is that he doesn't put a price tag on TIME. With him, you can shoot for 2+ hours and get the same price as someone(of the same quality and skill) who will only allot 30mins-1hr for your engagements. He is very adamant about building a story throughout the photographs and let me promise you, they are BEAUTIFUL stories!!!!! For you and your loved one to cherish forever! 
While shooting with Danila, he gives you instruction if you need but also wants you to be as natural as possible since the staged look is SO 1999. Danila is very positive, energetic, and has a sense of urgency with you so that you don't even think of time as money being spent-- you just have a wonderful time with your loved one making memories and having them photographed to keep forever! 

Overall, I would 100% suggest Danila for your engagement photos!! What you get is images that portray your love, passion, life, energy, and personalities so perfectly!! There isn't another photographer in this city that can capture all of this in one photo like Danila can!! 
Book him! You wont regret it!
Katya & Brian
Danila was a pleasure to work with!  He photographed me and my husband at our legal ceremony at the Manhattan courthouse.  He took many beautiful natural and posed photographs of us both inside and outside the courthouse.  He really knows how to capture all the right moments for a couple that is posing for engagement or marriage pictures.  He sent us all of the photos in a timely manner and edited the nicest ones.  I only wish we could have used him at our religious ceremony a few weeks later!
Аня и Саша
Привет! Лови историю: 
Однажды весной я увидела в одном блоге серию фотографий, на которые обратила внимание. Так я нашла Данилу. Зашла на его сайт, посмотрела его снимки, и они Запали мне в душу, там и остались. Летом у нас с моим женихом была свадьба, а после нам предстоял медовый месяц в штатах. Мы сразу же связались с Данилой, а через несколько дней договорились созвонится в скайпе. Учитывая разницу во времени, это было довольно забавно, так как я неслась с работы как ошпаренная, на улице, в лучших традициях, была адская непогода), а Нью Йорк тем временем только просыпался. Знаете, так бывает, видишь перед собой на экране добродушного рыжего бородача, и думаешь будто знаешь его сто лет, именно так, мне кажется, думают все ребята, которых он снимал когда-либо. На наш последний день в Нью Йорке выпала наша фото-прогулка, и это было отличным завершением, чтобы двигаться по штатам дальше. Не часто встречаешь незнакомого человека, а уже тем более фотографа, с которым тебе действительно легко. И день превращается в не просто съемку, где надо отработать проплаченные часы и отснять материал, а в замечательную прогулку, с отличными историями, рассказами о городе, тайных улочках и местах, которые сами вы гуляя едва ли нашли. День пролетел не заметно, а завершился в секретном месте, на закате, откуда был потрясающий вид на весь город. Мы так круто провели этот день, что украли Данилу на вечер, когда уже съемка закончилась, и сидели в баре и болтали о жизни, о Москве и Нью Йорке. Наступил конец сентября, и мы получили свою заветную серию, увидев утром письмо мы задвинули завтрак и принялись смотреть! Сказать, что мы были в восторге-ничего не сказать, такие живые и настоящие эмоции и мы, которые остались теперь уже нам на всю жизнь, наш медовый месяц и наш последний день в городе, глазами отличного парня живущего в Нью Йорке.