It was the best and craziest day of our lives. Nothing we planned happened - a crazy downpour caused a delay of about two hours, most of our family were soaked from attempting to get to Central Park where the intimate ceremony was taking place. Our minister and violinist quit and left because of the rain. We returned to our hotel and waited until it was clear enough to try again.

This time, we chose another beautiful part of Central Park - Bethesda Fountain. The bride's best friend offered to officiate the wedding, and when we arrived, a street guitarist was playing our wedding song by chance! It was serendipity - everything happened as it was meant to. New York tourists passing by cheered for us when we became husband and wife and the day was filled with sunlight as if the storm never happened. Afterword, we enjoyed a beautiful lunch at L'Artusi with our favorite people. It was the perfect wedding for us.