Like any other couples, we spent a lot of time researching and planning for a perfect outdoor wedding. On our big day, our dream got shattered when we were greeted by a heavy downpour in the morning. As we were getting ready, the weather miraculously cleared up. In that short span of time, we were able to take nice photos in Greenwich Village and near the Flat Iron building. It was a truly amazing experience to take photos in a such iconic location! By the time of our ceremony, we had used up all of our luck and the downpour started again. It was heartbreaking that our ceremony had to take place indoors when the beautiful green leaves and the river that we dreamed of were right out the windows. The terrible weather aside, everything else went better than what we had expected. Our guests were having fun, dancing and drinking. People especially liked our traditional Korean ceremony that we added at the last minute! In the end, even with all the roller coaster of emotions, it was still a unforgettable day for us.