As soon as we stepped into the Stonehouse, we knew this was the space. Having a combination of vibrant outdoors and the warm industrial chic indoors against the wood and brick was totally our style, not to mention the phenomenal food to indulge our inner foodies. We lucked out with the weather, mild temperatures and clouds, and got married underneath a lush green tree surrounded by our favorite people before moving inside. The venue and florist did a fantastic job bringing the industrial chic interior to life with lively colors and white, green, and pink spring flowers.

The ceremony was our favourite moment because we got to embrace each other's hands the whole time while our close friend Jeremy officiated us with an abundance of personal stories, jokes, and heartfelt advice. We aren't usually the type of people who crave being the center of attention but for one day we got to enjoy this attention with all eyes and smiles on us!

While the ceremony was spectacular, the dance floor with family and friends was tough to beat! To kick things off we didn't practice our first dance much, so when there was ten seconds left of the song Lisa asked Mike if she could twirl him on the dance floor and he let her -- everyone erupted in laughter ? For the last hour our DJ blended together such an awesome playlist with our favourite songs that even on a Sunday afternoon, everyone was having a blast busting out their best dance moves. For us, the wedding celebration was about the guests since we have been a couple for over a decade and we knew many were looking forward to the day we tied the knot. We couldn't have asked for a more amazing day.''