As a complete control freak and perfectionist, planning my elopement in a foreign country in just over two weeks should have been a complete nightmare. But it was easily the best decision we have ever made. Everything was very last minute -  I had to travel alone on the subway from the Bronx to Manhattan to collect my flowers the morning of the wedding! I was very nervous that everything wouldn't be right, however, all of my suppliers did an absolutely amazing job, especially considering the tight timeline. I felt like all the little details were exactly right as if I had spent months planning. The day itself was like a dream. As two very practical people, it was easily the most romantic, spontaneous thing either of us has ever done. We spent the day up in the clouds and I feel very fortunate that we have these amazing photos to remember it by. Danila was fantastic and the locations he chose were perfect. The whole day was amazing but my favorite moment was on the way home on the subway, with my new husband, absolutely exhausted and a little bit drunk on prosecco!