Hi, my name is Danila, I´m professional wedding and family photographer. Originally from Ukraine, Crimea. I work in Europe as well as in the rest of the world. I live in New York, but I travel all over the world for my weddings and my services are available in every land and in all seasons. I speak English, Russian, Ukrainian.
With great pleasure I accompany happy couples to Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany and many other countries. I've been shooting professionally for over 8 years. I've shot a lot of weddings, traveled to beautiful places, and met some amazing people. 
My clients are great couples from different cities. They speak very differently and have very different tastes, listen to different music and have different ages but they all equally deeply love each other and love every moment of life. These are the moments I catch for them and keep in my pictures!
I would be very happy if one day I will have the honor to admire your feelings and emotions, dear visitors of my site!

I describe my style as Editorial, yet at the same time it's simple and natural. I like when the brides that I shoot look perfect and I capture them that way, same goes for the manly grooms. Most of all I like when the couples are happy, like children, when they fool around, kiss and hug. The photos come alive and those moments are saved for you forever.

I get inspired from people. Everyone has their own unique story, that I try to capture during the wedding day. All small and important details. Each time I can't wait to see what was created. The most interesting parts about my profession is when I look at the wedding story like its a movie, only in pictures.

I am always growing and developing. I want each of my stories to be more interesting than the previous one. This is why I want to find the best photographers in Europe and learn from them. It is important for me to learn in a short period of time, mainly because I photograph. In addition I always follow new trends and styles in photography. I am a professional photographer, who learners not only photo, but retouch and color correction as well.
Do not forget that your story is unpredictable.


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